We Have Lift Off!

Posted at Aug 26, 2012 6:00 am

Welcome to my blog and my first post!

I kicked around a few catchy titles before I decided on no title. Ramblings from a Fractured Mind was my favorite, which really in a nutshell describes me when I’m writing. But when it all shook out, this is just us getting to know each other.

That you’re here tells me you’re interested in reading, and I hope we’ll find even more things in common as time progresses.

Here’s where I need your help. What kind of articles would you like to see? What are your favorite topics? We can run the gamut, talking about life in general, movies, TV, or books. Want to know what worked and what didn’t on my path to publication? Or maybe, I’ll set aside one day a week to talk about beautiful men.

We’ll stay away from politics or religion. And I’m not a book reviewer. I’m a book lover and writer. Other than that, I’ll keep the door wide open. We’re a diverse nation, full of fun people with strong personal opinions, and I’d love you to stop by on a regular basis to share yours with me.

Considering the zillion or so blogs on the internet, I want to make this one different. Life is too busy and hectic not to have a place to slow down, to laugh, and sometimes just to stop and breathe. I hope this site becomes that place for you.



17 responses to “We Have Lift Off!”

  1. Jerrie says:

    Thanks for stopping by. I’m sure I’ll need you input! ILY2

  2. Maddy says:

    I’m told by those who know about these things that it’s best to have a schedule e.g. Mondays – advice to aspiring writers, Tuesday- what’s influenced your writing etc.etc. but it’s important to stick to subjects that interest you.

    • Jerrie says:

      Maddy, thanks for stopping by. I’d planned on once or twice a week, maybe Monday and Wednesday. Not going to kick it off just yet!

    • Terry says:

      Steve Posted on I really don’t know what is more upneittsg that you don’t know the answer to this question, or that I do. Check out STIII, my young friend. A 17-ish Spock experiences pon farr on a quick road to manhood, and there is only one woman available on the whole Genesis planet. The cut away from Saavik as she gulps nervously leaves some to the imagination, but not much. Cast your own vote against Robin Curtis, but please remember that Spock (and, director Leonard Nimoy) has cast his.

  3. The website looks amazing! I can’t wait to see what you do with it in the future. 😉

  4. Jerrie says:

    Dani-Lyn! Great last name. Thanks for checking out the new blog. I can’t take credit for the design or the banner. Bemis Productions built the site for me. And have held my hand while I made changes. 🙂

  5. Hi Jerrie
    Lovely blog. You do have lift off. I’ll certainly be dropping by.
    Shehanne Moore

  6. Jerrie says:

    Thanks Clover! It’s all new and exciting!

  7. Jerrie says:

    Elin, thanks for stopping by and leaving tips. I have a blog tour set up starting 12-10-12 and will be an old pro by then…I hope!

  8. Lisa Rayns says:

    I’m going to have to vote on books and beautiful men. Period. hehe I haven’t watched TV in a long time.

  9. Jerrie, I love the new site. Colors are good. It’s easy to read. Love the pic at the top. That is super and really speaks to what you write.
    I follow quite a few blogs. One I love is GEM State, some neet ladies up in Idaho. Each of them writes once a week. And they write about a plethora of topics. I like that. Sometimes, it’s about personal stuff going on in their lives, sometimes writing issues or something they learned about at a conference.
    Personally, I think you’re on right track with only posting twice a week. That will be more than enough for those of us who will be following you regularly!
    Barb is right, too, we’ll appreciate your humor.

  10. You might need to check the time thing, Jerrie. It shows 5 something pm. Should be 11:12 AM on August 27.

  11. Jerrie says:

    Betty, there are lot’s of things you and I did twenty years ago better left in the past. The creative writing class isn’t one of them. It sparked a fire that still burns. And I’m honored you decided to stop by!

  12. Nancy Fulkerson says:


    I am like our mutual friend Betty P. Blogging is not my thing…now shopping…different story. But I will be checking in to see how your exciting career is going.
    I talked to Wanda Wade (Mom’s dear friend) and told her about your book, she is so excited for you.

    Congratulations on following your dream.

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