Meet Jerrie

Jerrie AlexanderMy love of reading all genres and making up stories for my kids inspired me to return to school to study creative writing. When my career in logistics took off and my children grew active in horses and sports, my family always took precedence. Oddly enough, I still have every paper I’d written for class. In fact, they moved with us from state to state until after we’d returned to Texas for good. My husband, who always believed in me, suggested I retire early and write my books.

I guess you could call me a late bloomer. Today I have eleven romantic suspense books published and soon three contemporary erotic romance books will be added to the total.

I write alpha males and kick-ass women. My characters weave their way through the problems love and life presents and on occasion, in spite of themselves, they fall in love with each other. If they’re tough enough, they live happily ever-after. My books are complete stand alone stories with a happy ending.

Three years ago my life went dark after my real life John Wayne husband lost his life. Thanks to the support of family, friends, and my dear readers, I’m back and looking forward to writing more stories. I love hearing from my readers. You are, after all, why I write.

Happy reading,


For a complete list of my books, check out the Books Page.