Come Together

Come Together

Series: Club Silken, Book 3
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance

Chelsea Coffman is one of those women who takes your breath away. The one heated look we shared exposed her trapped inner vixen just waiting for me to set her free. I was in no position to approach her then, but my life has changed dramatically after a year in Europe’s club scene. I'll introduce her to the lifestyle, the pleasure, the ecstasy she craves. From the moment I looked into his heated gaze, Taylor Horne has starred in my late night fantasies, because in real life, my limo driver disappeared. Now he’s back in town living in a much higher tax bracket and the hunger in his eyes won’t be denied. Can I yield control? My independent spirit says no, but my shameless body screams, “Yes, Sir.”

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About the Book


I’d met Taylor Horne a couple of times while he was in college and working as a limo driver for the Clubs Silken, Gloss, and Gallants owners. The first time I saw him he’d driven one of my best friends, Morgan Kimball shopping and she invited me and Kayla Britton to go with her. Morgan had started dating Zack Pierce, the co-owner to a BDSM member’s only club. And she was looking for an outfit that would knock him on his ass.

Taylor had chauffeured us to a boutique that sold adult toys and clothes. I couldn’t take my eyes off him. He was tall, drop dead handsome, and filled out his black slacks just perfectly. No doubt I acted like a school girl right before her first kiss.

A lot has happened since then. Morgan married Zack, Kayla is engaged to Nick Bianco, and I’m concentrating on earning a promotion at work.

According to an article in a financial magazine, my last raise put me in the upper third of administrative assistants who made over fifty thousand a year. My salary is barely over but I’m proud of myself. I put in the long hours and hard work required and then some. The president of the company I work for needs a new admin since his is retiring. It’s the perfect next step for me.

I haven’t heard a lot about Taylor until recently. He’s been tour Europe taking a year off as reward for getting his master’s degree. He’s home and Zack is throwing him a party.

I take special care with my makeup and hair. Select a dress that shows of my figure and sandals to highlight my new nail polish. My palms are sweaty as I exit the Uber car, but I don’t know why. There’s no reason for him to remember me.


Chapter 1

I smooth my hands down the front of my yellow sundress and walk into the entryway of Nick and Kayla Bianco’s home. This isn’t the first time I’ve been here, but with all the oversize windows and white marble, even the foyer is still a little intimidating.

Kayla and I used to live in the same apartment building. We laughed, cried, worried, and took care of each other for years. We stay in touch by phone and are still close. She’s scouted men for me for over a year searching for the right dom to bring me into the lifestyle she shares with Nick. I have never expressed any interest in BDSM, and I breathe easier knowing she’s agreed to stop looking.

Judging from the low buzz of voices and the sound of music, Taylor Horne’s welcome home pool party is in full swing. Taylor earned a Master’s degree in Finance and Accounting before he took a year off to tour Europe. The main thing I remember about him other than being a limo driver is he is gorgeous. Well, he was the last time I saw him.

Unsure of how many people I’ll know, I make the rounds saying hello, locate and hug Kayla, then spot Morgan and Zack Pierce out by the pool. She waves and then points to an empty deck chair next to her.

I wiggle my fingers at her and start out of the house to the back patio. My plan is to lean back and watch the festivities.

A hand catches my arm, turning me around. My sandals slide on the marble floor and I lose my balance, but I don’t fall, instead I’m wrapped in the arms of the traveler himself.

“You weren’t going to say hello?”

I look up into piercing blue eyes I haven’t seen in a long time. Eyes impossible to forget since I’ve used his image while pleasuring myself many times in the past. I untangle myself from the guest of honor’s arms and step back to see if he’s still as hot as I remember. My heart flutters and my pussy tingles. Hoping I’m not drooling, I pull my mind out of the bedroom.

“Do you usually knock down people just to get a hello?”

“You slipped and I saved you.” Taylor smiles showing off perfectly formed lips, the kind you can sink into and lose yourself. “Don’t I get credit for that?”

“Thank you and welcome home.” I return his grin remembering the first time he chauffeured Kayla and me with Morgan Britton to buy club wear suitable for a night at Silken, a members only club. He looks different but the same. There’s a maturity in his eyes that sets my heart thumping against my chest.

“Chelsea…” He steers me away from the pool. “I’m sorry but I don’t know your last name.”


“Nice to finally meet you Chelsea Coffman.”

“Most people call me Chels.”

“Chelsea is a better name for such a beautiful woman.”

“Please.” I roll my eyes while loving that he’s so obviously flirting.

“That was bad wasn’t it?”

“The worst.”

“Let me make it up to you. I’ll buy you a drink. ”

I can’t help myself as I smile up at him. “Gracious of you since it’s an open bar.” God, he smells good. It’s a faint scent and I want to lean into him a little. “How was your trip through Europe?”

“Amazing. Enlightening. Learning the different cultures was great. The beaches were beautiful and the cities were full of things to see and do. Have you been?”

I shake my head. “My travel experience is limited to Hawaii, but I’d love to tour Europe someday.”

“I met a lot of interesting people, but I think it would’ve been more fun if I’d had someone with me.” He’s looking down at me with a knowing smile.

He can’t know I want to run my fingers over every inch of his body or that my panties are getting damp just standing close to him. Can he? I gather myself and pretend he doesn’t set my lady parts on fire.

“I understand you’re going to work for Zack Pierce. When do you start?”

“He’s given me a couple of weeks before I report for duty. May I call you, maybe take you to dinner?”

“I’d like that.”

We exchange phone numbers while we wait in line at the bar. I ignored the urge to smirk at a couple of few women raking their gazes over him. Taylor’s year touring Europe has earned him a tan and sandy sun bleached hair which is longer than I remember and tousled as if he just got out of bed. With his chiseled jaw, straight nose, and height he’d make a great model. He’s wearing board shorts, sandals, and a blue T-shirt, it’s clear his body is muscular. His eyes are blue not green like I remember.

His gaze drops to my chest and back up. “This is a pool party. Are you wearing you bathing suit under your dress?”

“I didn’t bring one. I’m more of an observer.” Looking around I kinds of wish I’d at least worn shorts.

“That’s a shame.”

His comment dies because it’s our turn to order drinks. I get a glass of red wine and Taylor chooses a Coors.

“Where were you headed when I almost knocked you down?”

“Morgan waved me to the pool. I think she’s saved a spot for me.”

His hand moves to my lower back. “Maybe we’ll find two chairs.”

I stop when we reach the pavilion and look up at him. I don’t really know him, yet, my body thinks we’re old friends. Does it make me a slut or just horny that I’d leave right now if he asked?

“Something wrong?”

“Frankly, I’m surprised you remember me.”

“Of course, I do. If you hadn’t come tonight, I would’ve asked Morgan for your number.”


“Maybe because you’re gorgeous.”

“Right.” Now I know he’s full of crap. “My brown hair and hazel eyes drew you to me?”

“You hair is coffee with cream and your eyes are actually green. We won’t get into what I think of your body. At least not here.”

 I roll my eyes at his flattery. “I think I need to sit.”

“That’s twice you’ve done that.”

“Done what?”

“Rolled your eyes at me. I know you remember the day in your apartment’s parking lot. I delivered you ladies home after your shopping trip and helped you out of the limo. You walked away but stopped and looked back and our eyes locked. You felt it. I know you did.”

“I can’t argue that but that was a long time ago.” I like he’s persistent.

“My body would recognize yours regardless of how long it had been.”

I couldn’t argue that point either so for once, I keep my mouth shut. We weave our way through the crowd to Morgan and Zack.

Morgan jumps out of her chair and grabs me like we hadn’t talked yesterday. She’s beaming at her husband as he stands and hugs me too. If there’s such a thing as the perfect couple it’s Morgan and Zack. He stands then leans over, and kisses his wife.

“Chels, keep my wife company while Taylor and I make the rounds. I want to be sure I’ve introduced him to everyone.”

“Hold up, Zack.” Taylor mouths the word, “sorry” to me and hands me his beer. “Will you hang onto this for me?”

“Of course.”

“And have dinner with me before I have I step into this new position?”

“I’d like that.” I’m shocked and pleased.

He winks and walks away with Zack. I sit my wine and Taylor’s beer on the table between me and Morgan and stretch out on the empty chair.

“Holy shit.” Morgan swings her feet to the tile flooring, reaches over, and smacks me on the arm. “He was eye fucking you right before he walked away.”

A light goes off in my brain. “You told him I thought he was hot, didn’t you?”

She tucks her legs into a yoga pose and shrugs. “Maybe. Maybe Kayla mentioned it.”

I mimic her position so we’re sitting face to face. “One of you set me up. How embarrassing. That’s why he nabbed me the second I walked through the front door. He thinks he’s doing you and his new employer a favor.”

“Who grabbed you? Do I need to kick his ass?” A breathtakingly gorgeous man perches on the foot of my chair. He tilts his head and a lock off thick wavy black hair falls onto his forehead. He stares at me with pale blue eyes.

I met Slider at Zack and Morgan’s wedding rehearsal and wedding, but this is the closest I’ve been to him. With his reputation this may be too close.

“I believe we’ve met.”

“Yes, we have. Nobody grabbed me, but thanks for offering to come to my rescue.” I extend my hand which he wraps his strong fingers around. “Chelsea Coffman, or Chels, either one works.”

“Justin Locke, or Slider, either one works.” He doesn’t return my hand. Instead he moves closer while his thumb strokes the underside of my wrist. “I didn’t get a chance to tell you at the wedding, but you are stunning.”

“Thank you.” I stare at him dumbfounded. I’ve heard all about this man, except no one told me he could make angles cry with his smile.

“Slider,” Morgan says. “Turn loose of my friend’s hand.”

He releases me, stands, and walks over to her, and kisses the top of her head. “Great party.”

“Thank you.” She pets the side of his face like he’s a puppy. “I’m glad you came.”

 “I always do.” His gaze returns to me and I sit there speechless at his double entendre.

“Don’t hit on Chels,” Morgan says. “Not tonight.”

His gaze meets mine. “Not tonight,” he repeats Morgan with an audible sigh. “If you ladies will excuse me, I’ll head to the bar.”

“It’s nice to see you again.”

“You too. I’d like to show you Gallants, soon.”

I force my jaw to stay in place as he walks away. The second he’s out of hearing range, I turn to Morgan. “How did I not notice before that he looks a lot like Superman?”

She shakes her head and waves off my comment. “He doesn’t even have a cleft chin.”

“What? Well, that’s all he’s missing.”

“You need to stay away from him. Zack says Slider goes through women faster than a kid eating M&Ms. He’s already wrecked more hearts than most men do in a lifetime.”

“You changed the subject. I wasn’t talking about having sex with him, he’s gorgeous.”

“Okay. He’s hot and according to Zack there’s no better friend. It’s well known his appetite for women is ravenous. I’ve seen him in action at Silken. Sex is a game for him”

I lean back in the lounge chair, prop my feet up, and sip my wine. “Yeah. I get it.” My thoughts drift back and forth between Slider and Taylor.

The last of the crowd leaves allowing Kayla and Nick to join us by the pool. He drags a chair close, sits, and pulls her onto his lap. She leans against him and says, “That was fun but exhausting.”

I interpret that as a clue she’s exhausted and it’s time to leave. Kayla had been on her feet most of the night. “I enjoyed tonight but I should be going home.”

“Sounds like I’m too late with this.” Taylor moves around in front of me holding a glass of red wine. Zack is with him and he hands a drink to Morgan.

“It’s never too late to have a beverage with friends,” Kayla says. “We haven’t had a chance to talk.”

 “Except we talked yesterday.”

Morgan chuckles. “Yes we did.”

I take the glass from Taylor. “Thank you.” He sits closer to me than before.

“Sorry, we got caught up talking business. I wanted to spend some time with you tonight.” The sincerity in his tone touches me.

 “I’ll be around and you have my number.”

“Count on a call from me.” He winks and it goes straight into my blood stream. I don’t understand why desire rolls through my body but I can’t deny it. I spend a few minutes talking with the group while I finish my drink. I lift my shoulders rolling them a couple of times and sit my glass on the table. I pull my phone from the hidden pocket on my sundress.

Taylor touched my arm. “Tell me you took an Uber so I can drive you home.”

His hand on me is gentle and I dread not seeing him for a while. I have no idea how many Coors he’d had so I make a suggestion. “I did and maybe you should too.”

“You can ride share.” Kayla’s eyes light up with that devious gleam she gets when she’s up to something.

In this particular instance, I’m that “something.”

“Taylor it’s a good idea for you to leave your car here.” Zack confirms Kayla’s idea.

“Sharing works for me.” Taylor pulls his cell from his back pocket. His fingers hesitate. “You agree?”

“Sure.” I agree knowing to refuse will look rude.

He taps an app and seconds later, he disconnects and returns his cell to his pocket. “Our ride will pick us up out front in nine minutes.”

It takes all our allocated time to say goodnight and hug the other two couples. Just as we make it outside to the top of the stairs, a car pulled through the open gates. Taylor takes my hand and walks next to me as we descend. He checks with the driver, opens my door, and helps me inside. He makes his way to his side, gets seated, and buckles up. I wave as our ride whisks us off the property and heads for the highway.

Taylor turns and winks at me just like he did earlier in the evening. I crook my finger back and forth at him. He leans toward me and when he’s a breath away, I let him have it. “You sneaky bastard. You’re no more drunk than I am.”

Instead of flinching or showing surprise, he closes the miniscule distance between us and kisses me. God, his lips are as soft as I imagined. His touch is gentle and light. Just as I was going to join in the fun, he pulls away.

“Are you pissed at me?”

“I can’t imagine anyone being pissed at you for long.” My slides run across my bottom lip searching for a taste of his mouth. “My mad didn’t last near as long as I wanted.”

“I’m glad. The last thing I want is for you to be upset with me.” He holds his hand out to stop me from speaking. “Before you ask, I’m not sure why. You pull me to you like a magnet. When you’re near me my mind goes on alert and body wants to do all kinds of dirty things to yours. I’m hoping I affect you the same way.”

I’m normally not speechless. Any friend or coworker will confirm that, but right now I can’t put together a string of words that will sound coherent. Taylor takes advantage of my silence and kisses me again. His mouth covers mine and somebody moans. I think it was me. His tongue dives inside, tasting me. It’s sinfully erotic. I stretch against the seatbelt to meet him, wanting to hold his face in my hands. A growl rolls up from his chest. He’s feeling the frustration too. I pull away.

The driver clears his throat and said, “I’d tell you two to get a room but you’re almost home.”

“What?” I look out the window for landmarks or signs. Judging from the building and college campus ahead of us, we’re on the opposite side of town from my apartment.

“My credit card and address is on file with Uber.” Taylor reaches across the backseat and covers my hand with his. “He can take you home from here or you can go up with me. I promise nothing will happen you don’t want.”

The OMG section of my brain starts running like a calculator adding up the months it’s been since I’ve had sex. Oh, shit. I did shave everything that needed shaving today in the shower. Didn’t I?


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