Till Justice is Served

FBI agent Rafe Sirilli has made the war against drugs his personal fight. Home to settle his father’s estate, he finds himself involved in solving two homicides and a drug ring, while trying to prove the innocence of a girl he’d long forgotten. Erin’s grown into a beautiful woman. She ignites a desire in Rafe hot enough to burn them both.

Erin Brady is no stranger to hardship and tragedy. As a high school counselor, she’s committed to helping kids. She’s charged with inappropriate sexual advances and then suspected of murder, putting her career and freedom in jeopardy. Rafe agrees to stay long enough to prove her innocence. The unexpected passion they share will eventually end, but Erin accepts he’s not hers to keep.

Erin has a secret admirer, one who will kill anybody who threatens to harm her or interferes with his plan to marry the woman of his dreams. Her sudden disappearance changes everything.
Rafe will stay on the hunt until justice is served.

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The old man’s hands pounded Rafe on the back. For a few seconds, he was that kid with the tangled fishing line, and Jeff was helping unravel it. He stepped back, his gaze scanned Rafe from hairline to his boots. His fingers caught the hair hanging over Rafe’s ears and tugged.

“You’re looking a little shop worn, my boy. If the FBI doesn’t appreciate your hard work, you can always come home. I’ll put in a good word at the Sheriff’s Department.” The hint of the older man’s Scottish brogue brought back memories of camping at the lake, loud laughter, and catching black bass on hot summer days.

“I’m good. Where I’ve been, poor grooming was expected, even fashionable.” Rafe dragged a hand through his shaggy hair. He’d been undercover on a joint task force. The FBI and DEA had worked a joint operation for over a year. “We managed to shut down one stream of drugs into the US.”

“A pimple,” Jeff scoffed.

“Hey, one cartel at a time.” Rafe ran his hand over his chin. “An unshaven face and long hair is acceptable in that world.” Rafe led his guest further into the living room where he’d been packing. “Sit. Want a beer?”

Jeff gave a quick headshake. “Don’t have time. I have a question.”

“I’m listening.”

“You in a hurry to get back to an assignment?”

“No. I’m on leave of absence. We wrapped up my part of the operation. Unless there’s no plea bargain, I won’t even have to testify.” Rafe’s curiosity piqued. He’d expected a lecture for not making in home before his dad died. It was beginning to look like he’d been wrong. Something was troubling the old man. “I understand you were with Dad when he passed. I appreciate it.” It was the truth, and Rafe had spoken from his heart.

“Not necessary. He was damn proud of you boys. He understood why you weren’t here.”

Rafe nodded, trying to ignore the heavy weight sitting on his shoulders. Jeff’s comforting words didn’t ease his guilt. “If there’s something of Dad’s you’d like to have, anything, it’s yours.”

Jeff shook his head, stared at the floor, and then cleared his throat. His gaze scanned the area, seemingly taking in the state of disarray that always comes when somebody dies, and their belongings are boxed up and carted off.

The hair on his arms stood up. “What’s wrong?” He’d move mountains to help this man. His dad had considered Jeff the best partner and friend a deputy sheriff could have had.

“You remember Erin Brady, the girl Lotty and I adopted?”

“Tall, skinny, with a mouth?” That hair standing up on Rafe’s arms started to vibrate. Damn right, he remembered her.

“Yeah.” The old man’s eyebrows drew together, resembling a silver caterpillar. “She’s in serious trouble. I need your help, she—”


“Packed full of action, suspense and romance. I was hooked from page one. The characters were very believable and Rafe sounds so hunky. All the twists and turns had me flipping the pages faster and faster as I read. At one point I thought for sure I figured the book out, Just to be thrown a loop again. It was exhilarating and thrilling. A total must read.”  

– Tabitha Jones

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First of the Killer Affections series.

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